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Established May, 1991

         Welcome to the Seibukan Dojo homepage, we are a Dojo that specializes in traditional martial arts and self-defense. Students are taught techniques that are practical, simple, and effective for real situations with which they may be confronted.

        Our classes consist of a well-rounded training program. However, our main objective is the perfection of oneself through both physical and mental development. As students learn the art of self -defense, they acquire self confidence, serenity, and the ability to concentrate. We foster a safe, family-oriented environment for our students where they can feel empowered to grow as individuals on and off the mat.

         At various stages throughout a student’s training he or she will encounter low points, obstacles or stumbling blocks, similar to “the wall” referred to by marathon runners. When this happens keep this proverb in mind: “Seven times you fall down, eight times you get up”.

         Like anything else, to succeed you must persevere. Never take the easy way out and quit. If you do you will achieve nothing. To find “the way” of Budo you should never lose sight of reality and common sense. Remember that “the complexity of the Martial Arts is its simplicity.”

      We hope your studies will be enjoyable as well as rewarding.